On 03/04/19 14:59, D. Michael McIntyre wrote:
On 4/2/19 9:32 PM, Ted Felix wrote:

   I'm thinking Ctrl+Space is probably the way to go.  Any concerns?

I recommend leaving "Media Record" as one of the alternatives.  Through no real desire or intention of my own, all of my keyboards have this key, and it works fine as is.  It ain't broke, but that doesn't mean we shouldn't add a more vanilla alternative.  Ctrl+Space seems fine.

OK... Ideally keyboard configurability, but I'd say that's not high priority... There _is_ actually a trick: if you start playback (CTRL + Enter) and then hit space with an armed track recording will star.. assuming one would usually always roll a bit before recording this will probably work in quite a few situations

BTW speaking of keyboards, I find the keyboard shortcuts for moving around (e.g. PAGUP/PAGEDOWN in the matrix) *so* valuable allowing me to not toch the mouse while e.g. moving from (musical) keyboard back to rosegarden etc. :)


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