Hi there,

Is there a way to use Rosegarden (or some other program) as a command
line tool to export  Rosegarden files (*.rg) to MIDI?  Something like

  $ rosegarden export-midi --from=xyz.rg --to=xyz.mid

This function would be equivalent to opening the .rg file in
Rosegarden and selecting File->Export->MIDI.  That would be really
useful if such a thing existed because I save all of my MIDI
compositions as Rosegarden files and only need to convert them to MIDI
as part of the build process of my game.

Currently I have to export them to MIDI in the Rosegarden GUI every
time I make a change to a tune and then have to check the MIDI files
into version control as part of my game, which seems non-ideal.  With
the above feature I could incorporate the conversion into the build
system so that it happens automatically and only when necessary.

If such a feature doesn't exist, is it worth requesting it from the developers?


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