I'm having problems with my changed hardware synth studio (physical MIDI
ports) and continuing the old songs. I have found and tried different ways
to migrate songs to new studio, but none of them seem to work well or at
all. I did not find anything specific from bug tracker with the word

The status: I have defined a new studio and naturally saved the latest
correct setup as the default studio. Works fine when starting new songs. My
old studio had two MIDI ports (IN + OUT) and now I have the old two plus 8
new. The old ports are not connected, it is better to connect everything to
the new USB MIDI 8x8 interface for it's internal routing (playing something
without computer).

The problem is how to continue with old songs made for the two-port studio
setup? There are at least these possibilities:

1. Settings: always use default studio when opening songs.
2. Open the old song and then import a new studio from a newer RG file.
3. Import song to the default empty studio project.
4. Import MIDI file to the default empty studio project.
5. Open the new studio (template) AND the old song and copy segments from
the old song to the new? No, seems the segments cannot be copied between

I think I managed to use the option 1 yesterday, but then the studio only
included two devices: they were named like the old devices, but one of them
was connected to the the first port of my new MIDI interface. Only one port
was correct, and all the other ports were missing from the new studio.

Option 4 works (when I first open the old song "as is" with the old studio
and export it to MIDI file), but it naturally loses segments. As a bonus,
all the unused tracks are cleared, so I lose my studio template.

The other options either crash or leave me with one port of the new MIDI
device. Something like this.

Device configuration should be detached from sequencer work, it makes very
little sense anyway. Firstly mixing the terms device and port. One MIDI
port can feed many devices (synthesizers) by daisy chaining (or other
splitters/processors), so it's not rational to think about a MIDI port as a

Just to be able to send MIDI out, I need to define a device, but defining a
device requires defining patches as well. I know I could begin with GM set
and live with it or rename patches as I go along. And I eventually created
some banks, for my drum machine and two synths, but they are tied to MIDI
ports I no longer use. I have them in my new studio but the new studio
cannot be used for old songs.

If we could have the MIDI port (from a list of ports visible to ALSA)
selection in the track settings. Also, *if* the selected device matches a
predefined bank of patch names, those settings could be used. If no
settings are found, so what? Just display patch numbers. I understand that
the MIDI device world is not consistent with number of patches and all the
bank selections and whatnot. 128 programs is, however, a standard by the
MIDI program change.

What I like in Rosegarden is how the sequencer really works: it sends note
OFFs correctly when I stop it, and it even sends note ONs when I press
start in the middle of the notes. Not all DAWs do this. The lack of
features or problems just weigh quite much, and I hate I cannot do anything
really, no programming nor spend time for "trying things out", not in this
part of my life. I do want to create a more accurate step by step report on
the song / studio import problems if those are not widely known. I'm quite
as messed up with these issues as my post here is :D


Sami Jumppanen
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