As far as Suse-Tumbleweed using Rosegarden 19.06 is concerned:

KDE system settings>Fonts is where it's at. This font spec includes 6 settings, 
if I set all them to Helvetica-15 then on the next launch of KDE this spec is 
automatically copied to the tail end of ~/.config/Trolltech.conf which seems to 
handle Rosegarden as well as other QT apps. Probably only one of the above 6 
settings controlls, I haven't gone into it that deep.

So all the above explains how Suse-TW-KDE fonts get to Rosegarden, OR WOULD GET 
THERE because the topic *audio-mixer* isn't affected by any of this. I have no 
idea where those fonts come from, maybe they're generated graphics.

One way to ease the reale-state congestion would be to truncate those mixer 
headers a little, and BEGINNING with the the channel-number, like 01-to-16?

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