On 8/14/19 5:23 PM, krsg...@trixtar.org wrote:
Regardless of whether the standalone Zynaddsubfx (not the dssi) gets connected 
in qjackctl manually or automatically. a usable channel for it no longer shows 
up in the Rosegarden 'Manage Midi Devices' window midi-channels list. Others 
like say qsynth or hydrogen still show up no problem just like before.

After playing with this for a bit, I'm guessing that zyn is coming up in JACK MIDI mode. Since rg doesn't support JACK MIDI, rg cannot see it.

I have JACK audio set up and I started zyn from the command line like this and it worked:

zynaddsubfx -I ALSA -O JACK -a

Actually, it appears as if zyn's defaults are exactly what I needed and all I need to do is this:

zynaddsubfx -a

And finally, specifying the sample rate and buffer size to sync it up with how I run fluidsynth:

zynaddsubfx -I ALSA -O JACK -a -r 44100 -b 128

  The built-in help is actually pretty helpful:

zynaddsubfx --help

If you would prefer to use the desktop icons to launch zyn, it appears that in Ubuntu, at least, the three desktop icons that are offered are not helpful. The JACK one assumes JACK MIDI and Audio while the ALSA one assumes ALSA MIDI and Audio. Not what I need anyway. You can see the .desktop files here:

ls -l /usr/share/applications/zyn*

You can make your own from one of these and modify the options to match your needs.


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