Thanks, that's quite a response, too high even for my qualifications amounting 
to mouse-clickingh and little else but I managed.

I looked at the command that the icon on my desktop sends and this was

"zynaddsubfx -I jack -O jack" 
which I edited to just 
"zynaddsubfx -a"

This did the job, wonder why it got changed as it used to work fine before?

Then I looked at the defalult buffer sizes and qsynth has only 64 while Zyn has 
256. This I'm not sure what to make of. I do have some cutout now and then 
(working with typically 12-28 track rosegarden files), so I'm increasing the 
qsynth to 256 also and I'll see what comes loose :-)

Thanks again for your help


On Thu, 15 Aug 2019 00:38:58 -0400
Ted Felix <> wrote:

> On 8/14/19 5:23 PM, wrote:
> > Regardless of whether the standalone Zynaddsubfx (not the dssi) gets 
> > connected in qjackctl manually or automatically. a usable channel for it no 
> > longer shows up in the Rosegarden 'Manage Midi Devices' window 
> > midi-channels list. Others like say qsynth or hydrogen still show up no 
> > problem just like before.
>    After playing with this for a bit, I'm guessing that zyn is coming up 
> in JACK MIDI mode.  Since rg doesn't support JACK MIDI, rg cannot see it.
>    I have JACK audio set up and I started zyn from the command line like 
> this and it worked:
> zynaddsubfx -I ALSA -O JACK -a
>    Actually, it appears as if zyn's defaults are exactly what I needed 
> and all I need to do is this:
> zynaddsubfx -a
>    And finally, specifying the sample rate and buffer size to sync it up 
> with how I run fluidsynth:
> zynaddsubfx -I ALSA -O JACK -a -r 44100 -b 128
>    The built-in help is actually pretty helpful:
> zynaddsubfx --help
>    If you would prefer to use the desktop icons to launch zyn, it 
> appears that in Ubuntu, at least, the three desktop icons that are 
> offered are not helpful.  The JACK one assumes JACK MIDI and Audio while 
> the ALSA one assumes ALSA MIDI and Audio.  Not what I need anyway.  You 
> can see the .desktop files here:
> ls -l /usr/share/applications/zyn*
>    You can make your own from one of these and modify the options to 
> match your needs.
> Ted.
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