Hi all,

I checked the clock and it's been over five years since the last Rosegarden
for Windows build so it was probably about time...  I've built it _very_
quickly and roughly based on very recent tarball and the installer is here:


I've not really tested it beyond starting it up on the build machine and
trying it on a win64 machine (which installed but didn't start of course)
so not sure if it really installs cleanly and will work smoothly on another
win32 Windows 10 machine yet.  In theory you should get somewhere...
Functionality is more limited than the previous RG for Windows build at
this point in time i.e. I think even the RtMidi integration isn't working
yet.  If some people could kindly provide some feedback on what works and
what doesn't then perhaps in the coming days I'll find some time to improve
it and then we can post it up on sourceforge if it's relatively stable.

I may also attempt to get a win64 build but I'm not holding out much hope
for that and that of course also depends heavily on the state of the
current codebase which I'm in no position to comment on.

Also feel free to reach out to me directly with any feedback - the most
natural home for this might be on rg-devel but I thought I would post this
here first.

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