Hi. I'm a new user who has been looking at rosegarden and stepped thru 
to get qsynth up and then rosegarden feeding into it. This gave me a few hours 
of experimentation. I'm running Ubunto 19.10 and so I just pulled the packaged 
rosegarden and fluidsynth/qsynth packages via apt. This has given me rosegarden 

I came back today to find that I can't get any sound at all. I could start qsynth 
and drop a midi file onto it and it would play the midi (i.e. I can hear it). I 
start rosegarden and I see the Qsynth device in Studio -> Manage Midi devices. 
When I load a prior .rg file or just import a .mid, I see the Qsynth1 light flash 
but no audio. When I start rosegarden, the console reports:

[AlsaDriver] generatePortList(): ALSA Client information:
[AlsaDriver] 14 , 0 - ( Midi Through , Midi Through Port-0 )
[AlsaDriver] (DUPLEX)
[AlsaDriver] [ctype 2 , ptype 655362 , cap 99 ]
[AlsaDriver] 128 , 0 - ( FLUID Synth (11559) , Synth input port (11559:0) )
[AlsaDriver] (WRITE ONLY)
[AlsaDriver] [ctype 1 , ptype 1310726 , cap 66 ]

A system reboot saw no change. I saw on https://qsynth.sourceforge.io/ that 
there was a 0.6.0 Qsynth tar so I removed the packaged Qsynth, installed all 
the build dependencies and then built Qsynth 0.6.0 from source. I can run 
Qsynth without issue but same behaviour. I can drop a .mid on the Qsynth UI and 
hear it played. If I start rosegarden, I can see messages go by and the Qsynth1 
light flash, but no audio. When I exit rosegarden, I get a blare of sound (as 
if all notes sent are played at once).
I'd appreciate any input/thoughts about how to resolve this. 


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