Hi List,

I'm trying to get started with Rosegarden on Linux (and with music
making on my computer in general). I'm stilly failing very early on.

At the beginning I wasn't even able to start Rosegarden, I got that
fixed. It was a packaging error in the Linux distribution I'm using:

Now my current state is that if have the following components running:
- jack as the audio system (jackdbus)
- fluidsynth
- qfluidsynth

Using `aplaymidi -p 128 midifile.mid` I can play and listen to MIDI
files. Using `jack_metro --bpm 92` works as well.

My problem is now within Rosegarden. I cannot see any MIDI device within
it. I would expect to see fluidsynth as well as my externally connected
instrument within the window that opens on "Studio » Manage MIDI
devices" but there is nothing. In "MIDI outputs » Available outputs" I
only have "[ No port ]" in "MIDI inputs » Available inputs" it's the
same. (MIDI Playback and MIDI recording is completely empty.)

But on the command line I see the devices:

$ aplaymidi -l
 Port    Client name                      Port name
 14:0    Midi Through                     Midi Through Port-0
 20:0    Grandstage                       Grandstage MIDI 1
128:0    FLUID Synth (24829)              Synth input port (24829:0)

I tried to find some setting I have to configure. By that I discovered
that in "General Configuration » Sequencer status" I see "No driver",
the details are: "No sound driver available: Application compiled
without sound support?"

Can I assume that this means that the distribution package for
Rosegarden on my system is broken or could this still be caused by a
setup problem on my system?

Rosegarden is at version 19.06
QT version is 5.12.6
Linux distribution is NixOS 19.09 with the Rosegarden package installed
from NixOS unstable (because in 19.09 it's still the broken package).


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