Thanks for your thoughts. That makes me think I'm not completely of track.

I'll try the compilation from source. If there is nothing extremely special 
this shouldn't be a problem, as I'm doing Linux software development at daytime.

The most interesting part is that NixOS doesn't use the LFS and has all 
libraries (and binaries) on paths that contain a hash on all compilation inputs 
in the path name.

Thanks again

Am 7. Januar 2020 23:18:59 MEZ schrieb "D. Michael McIntyre" 
>On 1/7/20 4:26 PM, Matthias Wimmer via Rosegarden-user wrote:
>> the details are: "No sound driver available: Application compiled
>> without sound support?"
>Everything up to that point looks okay, so my first guess is broken 
>package. I'd try compiling from source. I don't have time to walk you 
>through that at the moment.
>D. Michael McIntyre
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