If anyone has some time for testing, I've just finished a review and cleanup of the "PitchBendSequenceDialog" (PBSD) and fixed numerous memory leaks in the rulers. Grab the latest svn and give it a whirl.

  Some testing ideas in case you've not used these features...

In the Matrix and Notation editors, the rulers can be enabled via the view menu:

  - View > Rulers > Show Pitch Bend Ruler
  - View > Rulers > Add Control Ruler > Volume Controller

The rulers can be tested by doing some editing within them. Add points, select points, move points, delete points, and anything else you can think of.

The PBSD is used to insert pitch bend and other controller sequences (e.g. volume). It can be reached through two menu items in the Matrix and Notation editors:

  - Controllers > Insert Pitch Bend Sequence...
    - A note needs to be selected for this to work.

  - Controllers > Insert Controller Sequence...
    - A note needs to be selected and a controller ruler.


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