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Hello, Rosegardners!

I am using RG v19.12

I see the toggle button for crescendo/decrescendo option in notation editor, with the 
explanatory balloon "Adjust velocity to follow hairpin dynamics".

I am wondering if...

1) the feature actually works and has any effect on the playback. I'm not 
hearing a difference toggling back and forth

2) if it does work, whether RG is compounding the velocity already explicitly 
stored in the sequence, with the extra adjustments it computes for crescendo 
and decrescendo

I think you might have missed a (probably not-so-obvious) step. The button you refer to is actually one of the options for most important button which is the one with a paintbrsh (?) like icon and is at the left of the one(s) you are referring to.
So essentially, that button will apply what is selected to its right.

By apply I mean that the, for instance, actual velocities of notes will be modified (so this is a somewhat 'destructive' action, although of course undoable or revertible for velocities by doing a Set velocities from the adjust menu).

You can verify this by opening the velocity ruler (button with a rainbow colored ruler) in notation editor, select the interested notes, then click on that button and you should see the velocity bars changes.

Personally I use quite often the one for creating accents on certain beats which is a nice way to make midi playback feel a little more 'human' in certain cases (as well as a good starter for getting accents on e.g. drum parts).

Hope this helps.

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