The Rosegarden team is proud to announce the release of version 20.06
of Rosegarden, a MIDI sequencer that features a rich understanding of
music notation along with basic support for digital audio.

Included in this release...

===== Bug Fixes =====

  * Fixed multiple memory leaks (r15684, r15685, etc...)
  * Fixed 100% CPU usage when drawing lines in the controller rulers,
    bug #1571 (r15705)
  * Fixed multiple invalid reads (r15707, r15708)
  * Increased the height of the loop ruler, feature #481 (r15718)
  * Fixed CCs not going out when playback begins in the middle of
    a segment, bug #1560 (r15735)
  * Fixed volume and pan CCs always going out even if the controllers
    were removed from the Device, feature #482 (r15750)
  * Stop sending CCs on ch10 when metronome muted, feature #482
  * Fixed a problem with showing pitchbend ruler (r15771)
  * Made default for expression CC 127 instead of 100 (r15773)
  * Fixed a crash in Audio File Manager, bug #1576 (r15786)
  * Fixed a crash when importing .ly as X11/RG21, bug #1579 (r15806)
  * Fixed a crash on chords in pitch tracker, bug #1582 (r15835)

===== New Features =====

  * Track height can now be adjusted in the preferences, feature #479
    (r15710-r15712, r15737)
  * New Segment > Transpose by Semitones... available in the Segment
    Canvas, feature #480 (r15715)
  * Right-click can now be used in the loop ruler to set the loop,
    feature #481 (r15717)
  * The current segment label is now displayed in the Matrix editor
    when multiple segments have been selected for editing, feature
    #470 (r15738-r15740)
  * Segment "For Notation" feature, bug #1578 (r15805)
  * Source distribution now includes these release notes in a
    CHANGELOG file.  The release notes will continue to be available
    on the wiki as well:

===== Significant Code Cleanups =====

  * PitchBend and Controller Sequence Dialog cleanup (r15662-r15684,
    r15696-r15701, etc...)
  * MappedEventBuffer cleanup (r15719-r15730)
  * Colour removal and ColourMap cleanup (r15795-r15803)

===== Additional Contributors =====

  * Michael Stockinger ( - German Translation
  * Juan Carlos Pineda Arredondo - Roland-D5.rgd and ZynAddSubFX.rgd
  * Philip Leishman (lman) - Segment "For Notation" feature


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