Rosegarden really needs improved user interface for managing autosaves. As it is right now when rosegarden crashes, to try to recover what's left of their work, it seems like the user has to manually navigate to $HOME/.local/share/rosegarden, sort through the files by date to find the file that's relevant in the long list of files which all have names like "oigjewgj3j65j3oi74j6j34t5juij4oi74", and then finally rename the files to have the .rg extension so that rosegarden will actually allow you to open them.

This requires the user also to find the extremely obscure location of the autosave folder themself. Or at least, I had to. The information on is incorrect or outdated, it says the $HOME/autosave is used for autosaves, it isn't.

Maybe you could add something like a "recent autosaves" sub menu in the File menu.

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