I've just pushed some changes to git.  Please test.

Philip has made a number of improvements as a result of running cppcheck. Some general regression testing would be helpful here.

I've redesigned the code for looping, both Classic and Advanced. If you are a loop user, please test both. The behavior should be exactly as before. You will find the setting in the preferences: Advanced Looping (experimental). (I should probably bump that to beta as we will be making it official and possibly the default for the 23.06 release.)

Key addition to Advanced Looping is indicators on the loop ruler for LoopOff, LoopOn, and LoopAll. I've gone with a black/white/blue color scheme to accommodate color blindness. We could also do crosshatching for LoopAll mode to eliminate the need for color altogether. Input from color blind users would be appreciated here. E.g. is the LoopAll dark blue background bright enough?

  Give it a whirl and let me know how it goes.


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