Nothing really surprising there. The only slightly alarming thing is the lack of a higher resolution timer in your kernel (and probably low latency). That can make live recording a bit iffy, but if you aren't working live, you might not notice it at all.

  Details are on my Linux MIDI webpage:


On 12/21/22 2:12 AM, david wrote:
I installed the package downloaded from Michael's website below. Things seem to work fine.

When I started it from the terminal, I got this:

[AlsaDriver] setCurrentTimer(): WARNING: using system timer with only 250 Hz resolution!
[Composition] getTrackById( 0 ): WARNING: Track ID not found.
[Composition]   Available track ids are:
[AlsaDriver] renameDevice(): WARNING: Cannot find device  1 in port map
no more csLADSPA plugins
do_connect: could not connect to socket
connect: No such file or directory
[SequenceManager] Rosegarden: WARNING: No accurate sequencer timer available (and kernel is new enough for RTC addendum) [RosegardenMainWindow] slotDisplayWarning(): MAIN WINDOW DISPLAY WARNING:  type  2  text "<h3>System timer resolution is too low!</h3>"

After I closed it, I found this:

defaultAudioEditor = /usr/bin/audacity
[ResourceFinder] getResourcePath(): Resource file " "Feta.xml" " for category " "/fonts/mappings" " not found. [ResourceFinder] getResourcePath(): Resource file " "Feta.xml" " for category " "/fonts/mappings" " not found.
[Composition] dtor: WARNING: 3 observers still extant:
[Composition]    0x55f7eff0ea98 : N10Rosegarden17TrackParameterBoxE
[Composition]    0x55f7f04f44d0 : N10Rosegarden20CompositionModelImplE
[Composition]    0x55f7f08b4fe0 : N10Rosegarden12TrackButtonsE

This is on Debian kernel 5.10.0-20-amd64 #1 SMP Debian 5.10.158-2 (2022-12-13) x86_64 GNU/Linux.


On 12/9/22 03:27, MST wrote:
I took the liberty to announce the release of v22.12 in Linux Musicians' Forum. A package for Debian 11 64 bit can be downloaded from my website "".
Dear Devs, I thank you very much for your efforts!
Greetings, Michael
*Gesendet:* Mittwoch, 07. Dezember 2022 um 16:28 Uhr
*Von:* "Ted Felix" <>
*An:* "rosegarden-user" <>
*Betreff:* [Rosegarden-user] ROSEGARDEN 22.12 RELEASED
====== ROSEGARDEN 22.12 RELEASED ======

The Rosegarden team is proud to announce the release of version 22.12
of Rosegarden, a MIDI sequencer that features a rich understanding of
music notation along with basic support for digital audio.

Included in this release...

===== Bug Fixes =====

* Fix a crash when deleting segments that are visible in notation.
* Hide the experimental Channel Fixed/Auto widgets behind a
preference. To re-enable: Edit > Preferences > General >
Auto Channels (experimental). [eda6701]
* Fix the Base Velocity dialog in the Event Editor which was
missing Ok/Cancel buttons. [aa3218e]
* Fix lilypond syntax error when exporting lyrics. Bug #1639.
* Fix restore of keyboard in the shortcut editor. Feature request
#511. [44ce000]
* Fix "out of processor power" dialog always coming up on some
systems. Feature request #496. [adab9c3]
* Fix MIDI file merge disconnects connections. Bug #1645.

===== New Features =====

* Advanced Looping rewrite including indicators in the Loop Ruler.
Enable via the preferences. Edit > Preferences > General >
Advanced Looping (beta).
* Jump to loop feature. Edit > Preferences > General >
Jump to loop. [69350eb]
* Loop buttons added to the main, matrix, and notation toolbars.
* Ask "Replace or Merge?" on file drop. Feature request #510.

===== Additional Contributors =====

* Scott Snyder


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