On 12/24/22 7:07 PM, david wrote:
I run Debian 11. Their repository shows RG v20.12-1.

  They tend to be behind.  That's pretty normal.

I then installed the 22.12 .deb that was supplied by Michael.

When I ran it, I got RG 22.12 showing.

  Sounds right.

When I updated using Synaptic package manager, it shows v22.12-1 as the installed version and states that version is "upgradable" to the repository version (20.12-1).

  Ha!  Yeah, sounds typical.  I'm guessing apt is just confused.

After removing RG, I grabbed the code from git and recompiled. That gave me v23.06 (developmental snapshot). It seems to work fine.

And that's as expected. I bump to the next version before continuing development.

But Debian 11 still insists I have 22.12, upgradable to 20.12.

Debian does its own thing. It's independent of any versions you have built and possibly installed. When you build and install from git it has no effect on the "apt" package database. So it will just continue to complain.

23.06 seems to work fine, so if there's no other way to sort this out, ok. But are there any ideas about that? Particularly, the "upgradable" weirdness.

It really depends on what you want. If you want to follow all the latest changes, then the 23.06 build from git is what you want. This might be a little unstable at times, but we're pretty careful. And if you find problems it's most helpful for us if you are working with the latest from git. If you want the last stable release, then Michael's is a good option. And if you want the older version that has gone through all of Debian's stability testing then stick to 20.12 that is in Debian.

That and one other problematic application (Thunderbird's new version isn't any good at "upgrading" an existing installation)

If you want to stay up to date with Thunderbird, I suggest uninstalling the one from Debian and installing Thunderbird directly from the Thunderbird site. That will then automatically update itself periodically. I've done this when the version of Thunderbird in Ubuntu was very buggy and unusable for me.

Thanks to our beautiful developers for the RG update, still loving the program and looking forward to doing more with it in 2023!

  Thanks for using it and let us know if you run into any problems.


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