On 29/11/2023 18:16, Ted Felix wrote:
On 11/27/23 1:11 PM, Lorenzo Sutton wrote:
What is this exactly supposed to do?

"Add a preference to include ALSA port numbers when making connections. [06b0c44a]"

I am looking into ways to disabling Rosegarden trying to autoconnect to anything it will fin available when starting up... Wondering if this is related :-)

  Sort of.  That makes the autoconnect even more picky about connections.  Normally we don't match port numbers since they can change from one boot to the next.  When enabled, this preference does match port numbers when a match is found.

  Did you want an option to turn off the autoconnect?  Is there one in there already?  Should be easy to add if not.

Ideally, I'd like to be able to configure Rosegarden to:

1. _not_ autoconnect anything when it is started or a new file created
2. try to restore connections when a file is loaded
3. Totally disable auto-connect, e.g. if the set-up is too unstable (and then 2. would typically not work) the connection scenario is more complex (in that case I'd typically resort to something like a2j-snapshot [1] to save/restore the whole conenction setup


[1] https://aj-snapshot.sourceforge.io/

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