On 12/2/23 1:15 PM, Lorenzo Sutton wrote:
I've done a rather long pass on the Italian translation adding strings which weren't there at all and also going through several existing ones (e.g. clef names). [1]

  Thanks.  I've just merged and will push shortly.

There are a couple which I still have no idea on how to translate because I honestly am not sure what they do and where they live:

"Unadopt an Adopted Segment" (QT Linguist reports QObject and I can't find the string anywhere in the source with a grep).

"Insert Range Helper" and "Delete Range Helper" they seem to have to do with linked segments but I can't figure out where / how.

I don't know a lot about how the translation stuff works, but I think there may be two possibilities:

1. Old strings that are no longer used still stay in the translation files "just in case" they come back to life. I'm thinking they may have an "unused" status marker like the "untranslated" status. But again, I don't really know much about this stuff. Just a hunch.

2. There are a number of strings that are translated from places other than the code. E.g. from the rgd files. I don't remember the details, but I suspect this is not what you are seeing.

  #1 seems more likely than #2 for these strings.  Just theories here.


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