Since AD is a vendor thing and not a standard, i guess you'll have to
ask Cisco.

My idea would be that since you are more likely to filter prefixes on
ingress eBGP rather on IGP and eBGP usually carries the majority of
prefixes, eBGP maybe was considered more "trustworthy" for the majority
of traffic.

In any case, eBGP AD can be changed (plus the network backdoor option)
and some recommendations propose so.

PS: If i remember correctly, Juniper does it the "right" way.


Hank Nussbacher wrote on 10/4/2018 7:52 μμ:
> While giving a routing lecture today someone asked me
> "Why was eBGP assigned an administrative distance of 20 which is better
> than OSPF's administrative distance of 110.  What was the logic behind
> that decision?"
> I was unable to think of an answer.
> Ideas?
> Thanks,
> Hank

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