It's been a number of weeks since my last update, so I thought I'd let
everyone know where things are at.

I've spent most of these last few weeks reworking zchunk's API to make
it easier to use and more in line with what other compression tools
use, and I'm mostly happy with it now.  Writing a simple zchunk file
can be done in a few lines of code, while reading one is also simple.

I've also added zchunk support to createrepo_c (see, but I haven't yet created a
pull request because I'm not sure if my current implementation is the
best method.  My current effort only zchunks primary.xml, filelists.xml
and other.xml and doesn't change the sort order.

The one area of zchunk that still needs some API work is the download
and chunk merge API, and I'm planning to clean that up as I add zchunk
support to librepo.

Some things I'd still like to add to zchunk:
 * A python API
 * GPG signatures in addition to (possibly replacing) overall data
 * An expiry field? (I'm obviously thinking about signed repodata here)
 * Tests
 * More tests
 * Other arch testing (it's currently only tested on x86_64)

I'd welcome any feedback or flames.


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