> I'm sorry, are you obtuse? I know these are dynamic in Fedora. But Fedora 
> isn't the only RPM-based Linux distribution.

My comment started with "BTW". It means in this case that this comment has 
nothing to do with submitted PR patches. Those patches have nothing to do with 
what people are doing in OpenSuse and why they are doing this that way. Is it 
clear now?

Please focus on the topic of the PR.
I think that I've already delivered enough pieces of evidence that 
**generally** using --print-requires-private generates to broad dependencies as 
long as none of the open source projects packaged using rpm are using 
Requires.private using --print-requires-private option.
So far nothing that has been mentioned in the comments here is in contradiction 
with such claim.
The only impact which will cause remove --print-requires-private option will be 
dropping few thousands of dependencies which will not break any existing build 
procedures described in existing specs files.

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