@n3npq I'm working on simplifying the API and also switching from a 
`StreamingIterator` to a regular `Iterator` by using reference counting on 
header data. I had a question about this though:

> The trickiest problem with header tag data and MINMEM is that the header 
> reference count sometimes ends up protecting header tag data, whether by 
> intent or by accident is arguable.

What's the best way to model the lifetime of the tag data? It sounds like 
you're describing what I'd like to do: bound the lifetime of the header on the 
tag data, i.e. as long as someone holds on to a reference to tag data, they 
will also have to hold a reference to the header, and the header's reference 
count won't be decremented until they release both.

Is that a good approach, or can I do reference counting on the tag data itself?

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