> On 08/08/17 15:04, aurquiel(a)gmail.com wrote:
> You could start from here, and browse if it isn't what you want. This is
> the 'free-release' repository for Fedora 25
> http://download1.rpmfusion.org/free/fedora/releases/25/Everything/x86_64/.
No i couldn't find the packages is there a way to contact the person who
has uploaded the previous versions i may have the old packages. It's very
important i am developing an experimental software that was working fine
with previous versions of VLC 3.0 but is not working now i know that is the
cause because i was able to run the same software on ubuntu with a previous
version of VLC 3.0 but i need it in Fedora if for my Degree so i am very
worried about it.

Thanks for answer.
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