On Feb 17, 2010, at 6:16 PM, Joel M. Halpern wrote:

> Should we at least acknowledge in section 5 that our habit of addressing 
> any and all problems with BGP extensions puts pressure on the control 
> plane?  (It may be that this component is manageable, but I wonder.) 
> Each of these features have been put in for very good reasons, but RFC 
> 2547 VPNs, Flow-Routes for black-holing DDOS, and add-path routes to 
> allow use of multiple parallel routes, are all examples of features wew 
> have or are putting in the system that increase the pressure on the 
> Control Plane.

I've certainly echoed this sentiment many times now, so I agree 

I do have one clarification.  While they do introduce traditional control
and data plane overhead like any other BGP route, the DDoS countermeasures 
(i.e, BGP-based destination or uRPF/source-based blackhole routing) that 
are deployed today with BGP require no new "features" or attributes, they 
use only existing machinery - unlike flow spec and all the other stuff you 
mention above.

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