> From: Robin Whittle <r...@firstpr.com.au>

    > I am sure that the LEID always has Locator semantics. How else does a
    > packet with a LEID in its destination field get delivered reliably to
    > the correct destination host, from anywhere in the world?

Not all LISP packets have an LEID in the destination field. (I'm talking here
about packets between a LISP host and a legacy host. For packets between two
LISP hosts, they _never_ appear outside the sites with a LEID anywhere in the
outer header.) See:


and in particular, Section 6.

But I get what I assume to be your basic point, that in packets to legacy
hosts, depending on exacly which interoperability mechanism is in use, in some
cases the LEIDs may have more complex semantics.

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