> From: Robin Whittle <r...@firstpr.com.au>

    > if the LEID destination address is for a host in a network different
    > from that of the sending host, then for part of the journey to the
    > destination host, the LEID address has its Locator semantics
    > interpreted by a new "Algorithm 2", which ITRs execute.

An LEID _has no general location semantics_.

The fact that you _always_ _have_ to do a mapping from an LEID, to get
something that _does_ have full location semantics (the RLOC) is the surest
sign of that.

Saying that a particular name 'has location semantics' because there's a
mapping system that translates that name into _another_ name, one which
_does_ unquestionably have location semantics, is totally ludicrous. By that
reasoning, DNS names have location semantics.

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