Hi Tony,

Thanks for your reply.  I resent you the Compact Routing critique and

>> Below my signature is some rfc2xml stuff for two new IDs, most
>> importantly draft-whittle-ivip-drtm.  If you can make the mention of
>> draft-whittle-ivip-drtm in the "rebuttal" link to the reference, that
>> would be great.
> I'm happy to add the references, but if you want to change the text, please
> send explicit changes or new text.

OK.  At the end of the first paragraph of the "rebuttal" you have:


If you have added the reference material I sent in the previous message,
then please replace this with the xml2rfc incantation:

  <xref target="I-D.whittle-ivip-drtm" />

  - Robin

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