Hi Robin,

> I am requesting you write detailed arguments for your positions -
> including detailed critiques of arguments against CEE (Locator /
> Identifier Separation) and of arguments for CES architectures.

I respectfully decline.  Thanks, but I have a day job.

Also, we've been over (and over and over) the points here repeatedly.
Unlike some people, I don't believe that endless restatement of the same
points, infinite volume, or downright stubbornness will prove to be
convincing.  I've plead my case.  Mostly in person, sorry Robin, and it
seems to have not resonated with many others.

I'm not here to argue for the sake of argument or to hear the sound of my
own (virtual) voice.  I'm happy to have a reasoned debate about
architectural issues, but I'm not about to have another yes-no-yes-no
argument and I'm not interested in debating mechanisms.

I reject the classification of CEE vs CES.  To me that division is about as
useful as the set of proposals that begin with the letter 'I'.  Sure, it's a
division, but it doesn't really tell us anything insightful about the
solution space. 


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