Hi Robin,

> Maybe your vision of an enlightened debate doesn't accord with that
> of others.  I have been trying to do the same thing and it seems you
> and I rarely agree about how to discuss things or about how to solve
> the routing scaling problem.  Other people appreciate my efforts to
> understand and discuss their proposals - so maybe my idea of how to
> debate things is shared more by other people than yours is.

That may well be.  Doesn't make it right, however.

>> I'm not expecting anyone to develop a recommendation.  I'm not expecting
>> anyone to be happy with it.
> Does this mean you are going to develop the recommendation?

Yes, that's on the co-chairs.

> My interpretation of this is that you and Lixia will write the
> recommendation and while you will read or listen to what people have
> to say about it, you won't promise to take notice of any of it or to
> alter your text according to the views expressed by RRG participants.

> In the past, you have stated your intention to achieve consensus on a
> recommendation.  Now I understand you don't intend to achieve or even
> test for consensus on the recommendation you and Lixia will prepare.

Yes, that changed.

>> Again, we've been trying to have that debate for three years.
> I believe you have not contributed much to the debate.

The feeling is mutual.

> You frequently requested we debate "architectures" - as if this was
> somehow different from proposals.  Yet I don't recall an instance of
> you leading by example with any such messages.

Not everything happens on the mailing list.

> I don't see how you could be sure of this if you haven't tried.

We've tried several times to simply agree on what terminology we would use.
All attempts failed.


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