Here's a revised last few words for a paragraph in my previous
message in this thread:

I regard your unexplained dismissal of my contributions to the RRG -
and to the report you and Lixia are primarily responsible for - as
ungracious, unfounded and unbecoming of the position of co-chair.

and some additions:

Is it just my contributions you have such a dim view of?  Can you
nominate some people whose work you think has made a useful
contribution to the RRG?  There's been 6,243 messages, plus the
presentations at meetings, IDs and other documents.

Since you don't promise to alter your and Lixia's Recommendation
based on input from other people, do you actually want input for this

Could you give an indication of any aspects of what you are planning
to recommend which might be affected by what an RRG member might
write on the list or say in forthcoming meeting?

  - Robin

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