Hi Paul,

You wrote:

>> You have asserted there is no routing scaling problem,
> Did I?
>> Could you go perhaps go back to my message where I said how I
>> wished to vote. I think you'll find you've misunderstood me.

I have not mentioned anything about voting - there is no voting in
the RRG, and I understand no attempt will be made to seek or reach
consensus on the final recommendation. (msg06220)

I thought that you were arguing against the existence of the routing
scaling problem, because in your first message in this thread, you wrote:

  > However, it does not seem justified to say the current routing
  > architecture has a scaling problem.

Since I have difficulty understanding what you describe as your
"scribblings" in a manner you agree with, I will not pursue this
discussion further except to note that:

  1 - I was not complaining about "TTBOMLK".

  2 - I disagree with your "Let the data do the arguing." - people
      can argue, data can't.

  3 - Our arguments must concern our reasonable fears about the
      future, since we have no data about the future.

  - Robin

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