Hello, I just got Rspec configured on my win7 lappy after wrestling against 
RubyGems v2.4 (broken for Windows) and updating RubyGems to v2.6.7. I'm 
just going through the tutorial videos on the home page http://rspec.info/ 
and am wondering if it is just a Windows thing that "Rspec.describe" throws 
an error? E.g. the bowling example: 
require 'bowling'

# Rspec.describe Bowling, "#score" do     #<-- this throws an error
describe Bowling, "#score" do                  #<-- this works
  context "with no strikes or spares" do
    it "sums the pin count for each roll" do
      bowling = Bowling.new
      20.times { bowling.hit(4) }
      expect(bowling.score).to eq 80

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