> On 7/18/2007, Chuck Wolber ([EMAIL PROTECTED]) wrote:
> > In linux, you delete files with the "rm" command...
> OT follow-up...
> Is there an alternate way to remove an entire directory *without* 
> traversing the directory itself?

I just use rmdir under Windows.

Also Windows users can use :

FORFILES [/P pathname] [/M searchmask] [/S]
         [/C command] [/D [+ | -] {dd/MM/yyyy | dd}]

    Selects a file (or set of files) and executes a
    command on that file. This is helpful for batch jobs.

for example:

set drive=E:\
forfiles /p %drive%:\  /m * /D -30 /C "cmd /c if @isdir==TRUE ECHO @PATH>>

This lists directories over 30 days old into a file.

I make the script delete the old directories and it loops until there is
no old directories left.

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