Backuppc uses rsync (do not know what rsync version but Backuppc is
latest version, so assuming 'very' current rsync version is included)
and I am trying to add acl and attr file permissions to rsync in
"RsyncArgs" and "RsyncRestoreArgs" and have discovered that their
addition is not that easy. 

Backuppc uses "RsyncArgs" and "RsyncRestoreArgs" to create the rsync
'string' of commands to "backup" files. By adding the "-A" and "-X" to
the "RsyncArgs" list. When backups are run the log files contains: "Got
fatal error during xfer (fileListReceive failed)". Removing the "-A" and
the "-X" allows the backup to proceed without errors. Is there another
'switch' that needs to be added to allow the "-A" and "-X" to function
without error? Anyone familiar with including acl and attr file
permissions during rsync backup (and restore.)? 



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