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Both systems would need to have an rsync installed that support those
features.  They are a compile time choice and are automatically
disabled if dependencies aren't met.  You can see if they are
supported with 'rsync --version'.  If they are supported that will
list both ACLs and xattrs.

The filesystems must also support them of course.

On 06/25/2015 08:11 AM, Bob of Donelson Trophy wrote:
> Backuppc uses rsync (do not know what rsync version but Backuppc
> is latest version, so assuming 'very' current rsync version is
> included) and I am trying to add acl and attr file permissions to
> rsync in "RsyncArgs" and "RsyncRestoreArgs" and have discovered
> that their addition is not that easy.
> Backuppc uses "RsyncArgs" and "RsyncRestoreArgs" to create the
> rsync 'string' of commands to "backup" files. By adding the "-A"
> and "-X" to the "RsyncArgs" list. When backups are run the log
> files contains: "Got fatal error during xfer (fileListReceive
> failed)". Removing the "-A" and the "-X" allows the backup to
> proceed without errors. Is there another 'switch' that needs to be
> added to allow the "-A" and "-X" to function without error? Anyone
> familiar with including acl and attr file permissions during rsync
> backup (and restore.)?
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