Nobody reads the rsync man page and assumes that it is recommending a
commercial product.  And nobody is going to read an "enhanced" rsync man
page and get incentivised to start an open-source software project.

Everybody knows that a mention of "Word" or "Photoshop" in an example
refers to a generic data file in an example rsync command line.

Stop with the politically correct nonsense.  All this is doing is wasting
people's time.

On Sun, Aug 14, 2016 at 2:09 AM, Grzegorz Borowiak <>

> I appreciate the parable of helping non-technical users (or, more
> precisely, users not keen on IT). As I understand, placement of
> software like Word or Photoshop servers this purpose. But both of them
> have decent open-source counterparts, and they are better fit for an
> rsync manual. Or, if from any reason proprietary software is preferred
> in this context (perhaps because it generates even more contrast in
> the story), I would better go to regions poorly covered by the open
> source community and refer to, for example, AutoCAD or Adobe After
> Effects. Maybe this would motivate somebody to start an open-source
> CAD or SFX software project.
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