Hi All,
I have been looking at this thing for a while now and I think it is a bug in
rsync 3.1.2 version 31. But before I log a defect, I need some confirmation.
My rsync solution is running in Cygwin on my Windows 10 PC to my linux
server. If required, I am rsyncing my files back onto my PC.
The directory path contains spaces in the name and the file name contains
strange characters (è), for example:
F:\Directory Name\What is wereldorièntatie.doc
If I rsync this to the server without the option -s everything works as
expected. I can also rsync it back to my pc as long as I do not use the
option -s. It will not work in both directions if I do use the -s option.
Now I have the following file, note I replaced the è for a normal e.
F:\Directory Name\What is wereldorientatie.doc
For syncing this file I do need the -s option, otherwise it breaks.
Obviously this behavior is not consistent and breaking my script, if I want
to restore my files.
I have tons of debugging for this, if required I can send this on the list,
but I think this small description might cover it as well.
Can anybody say something usefull about it ?
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