I can use --link-dest multiple times for backups so that files affected
by a backup-delete-backup-replace-backup scenario get linked. It works well.

However, consider this scenario: backup-modify-backup-undo-backup. We have

* backup 1 contains file 'a'

* backup 2 contains file 'a' ( with modified content)

* backup 3 contains file 'a'

However, the file 'a' in backups 1 and 3 are not linked. I guess the
search by backup 3 stops when it hits the file 'a' with modified content
in backup 2 and the earlier file in backup 1 that has the same content
isn't found and therefore not linked.

Is there a way to tell rsync  to continue trying futher link-dest
directories in the hope of finding a match ?

I have rsync 3.1.2.

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