Le 2017-04-07 21:08, Kevin a écrit :

On 04/07/2017 03:07 PM, McDowell, Blake wrote:

I run --times when I use rsync […] but the times do not transfer over […]

I have never seen rsync do that.  What exactly are you doing?

I have seen such a behaviour when trying to rsync to a UDF volume mounted on a Mac.

It was due to rsync's receiver doing the file renamings from their temporary (transfer) name to the real one after having done all other operations, including having modified the timestamps; turned out that UDF implementation in Darwin sees name changes as file changes, and as such, renaming the file modified the mtime.

Perhaps doing --inplace can prevent this behaviour (if, Blake, you have the same).

I opted for patching rsync:
On the very first renamed file, the patched rsync rereads the file's mtime, and if it finds it doesn't match the one set, it switches to the mtime-after-rename behaviour (for the rest of the transfer).


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