I am having a problem with rsync freezing and I would like to collect the 
proper information while the problem happens. However, I would like to ask some 


I see references of using rsync-debug but I cannot figure out how to use it 
*while* the rsync is stuck. If I understand from various replies in this email 
list it must be given as an argument to rsync beforehand?

If I do not want to change something in my current rsync setup, would it be ok 
to do sth like this on the destination machine:

# 1. find the ssh PID from the source IP
destination_machine $ sudo netstat -atlp | grep "192.168.23"
tcp        0     36     ESTABLISHED 
915/sshd: abc [priv

# 2. find all related processes
destination_machine $ sudo pstree --show-pids 915

# 3. then strace these all these


In order to provide the proper netstat info, related to the PIDs involved would 
something like this suffice (in the destination and source machines with the 
proper PIDs)? Should I provide different options or filter the output 

$ sudo netstat -antp | egrep "(1085|1082|1079|915)/"
tcp        0      0     ESTABLISHED 
915/sshd: adz [priv


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