On Wed 16 Aug 2017, Vangelis Katsikaros via rsync wrote:
> I am having a problem with rsync freezing and I would like to collect the 
> proper information while the problem happens. However, I would like to ask 
> some clarifications.
> rsync-debug
> ===========
> I see references of using rsync-debug but I cannot figure out how to use it 
> *while* the rsync is stuck. If I understand from various replies in this 
> email list it must be given as an argument to rsync beforehand?
> If I do not want to change something in my current rsync setup, would it be 
> ok to do sth like this on the destination machine:
> # 1. find the ssh PID from the source IP
> destination_machine $ sudo netstat -atlp | grep "192.168.23"
> tcp        0     36     
> ESTABLISHED 915/sshd: abc [priv
> # 2. find all related processes
> destination_machine $ sudo pstree --show-pids 915
> sshd(915)───sshd(1079)───rsync(1082)───rsync(1085)
> # 3. then strace these all these

Well, you'll miss anything leading up to the hang, but doing it this may
show something significant, but perhaps not.


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