I am launching a cron bash script that does the following:

Day 1
/usr/bin/rsync -aH --link-dest /home/backuper/.BACKUP/0000009/2018-06-25 
root@ /home/backuper/.BACKUP/0000009/2018-06-26

Day 2
/usr/bin/rsync -aH --link-dest /home/backuper/.BACKUP/0000009/2018-06-26 
root@ /home/backuper/.BACKUP/0000009/2018-06-27

Day 3
/usr/bin/rsync -aH --link-dest /home/backuper/.BACKUP/0000009/2018-06-27 
root@ /home/backuper/.BACKUP/0000009/2018-06-28

and etc.

The  backup server experiences a large flow of data when the quantity
of  files  exceeds  millions, as rsync scans the files of the previous
day   because   of  the  link-dest  option.  Is it possible to use the
batch-file   mechanism   in   such  a  way,  so  that  when  using the
link-dest  option,  the  file  with  the metadata from the current day
could  the  executed  the  following  day  without  having to scan the
folder, that is linked in the link-dest?

Yours faithfully,
  Sergey Dugin                       mailto:d...@qwarta.ru

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