I  need  that  during  today's backup, the metadata about the files is
saved  in  a  file,  so  that tomorrow when creating a backup with the
option  "link-dest" instead of this option I would specify a file with
metadata,   then   rsync   will  not  scan  the  folder  specified  in
"link-dest",   but  simply  reads  information  about this folder from
a  file with  metadata. This greatly saves time and load on the server
with backups. 

I  do not delete through rm -rf, but delete the ZFS partition, you can
also delete via find -delete, there are other ways

On 26 июня 2018 г., 22:47:56:

> I don't believe there is anything you can do with the batch options for
> this.  If you added a --write-batch to each of those you would get 3
> batch files that wouldn't be read without a --read-batch.  If you also
> did a --read-batch that would contain differences between a backup and
> the backup before it so rsync would still have to read the backup before
> it to understand the batch (and this would continue on to the oldest
> backup making the problem worse).

> Anyway, what you were asking for sounds a lot like rdiff-backup.  I
> didn't like it myself but maybe you would.

> BTW, my experience with many millions of files vs rsync --link-dest is
> that running the backup isn't a problem.  The problem came when it was
> time to delete the oldest backup.  An rm -rf took a lot longer than an
> rsync.  If you haven't gotten there yet maybe you should try one and see
> if it is going to be as big a problem as I had.

> On 06/26/2018 03:02 PM, Дугин Сергей via rsync wrote:
>> Hello.
>> I am launching a cron bash script that does the following:
>> Day 1
>> /usr/bin/rsync -aH --link-dest /home/backuper/.BACKUP/0000009/2018-06-25 
>> root@ /home/backuper/.BACKUP/0000009/2018-06-26
>> Day 2
>> /usr/bin/rsync -aH --link-dest /home/backuper/.BACKUP/0000009/2018-06-26 
>> root@ /home/backuper/.BACKUP/0000009/2018-06-27
>> Day 3
>> /usr/bin/rsync -aH --link-dest /home/backuper/.BACKUP/0000009/2018-06-27 
>> root@ /home/backuper/.BACKUP/0000009/2018-06-28
>> and etc.
>> The  backup server experiences a large flow of data when the quantity
>> of  files  exceeds  millions, as rsync scans the files of the previous
>> day   because   of  the  link-dest  option.  Is it possible to use the
>> batch-file   mechanism   in   such  a  way,  so  that  when  using the
>> link-dest  option,  the  file  with  the metadata from the current day
>> could  the  executed  the  following  day  without  having to scan the
>> folder, that is linked in the link-dest?
>> Yours faithfully,
>>   Sergey Dugin                       mailto:d...@qwarta.ru

С уважением,
 Дугин Сергей                          mailto:d...@qwarta.ru

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