I am having a problem with rsync deleting entire folders and files and then
attempting to recopy the entire contents of the folder(s) even though they
are up to date.  The task is syncing from ubuntu (rsync version 3.1.1) to
windows using cygwin (rsync version 3.1.2).  I have a number of these
configurations, and they all work except this one.  I use the
modify-window=600 and cannot understand the deletion (the times on the
machines are within seconds of each other).  I have cranked up the verbosity
level (-vvvvvv) hoping I could find something that explains why the
files/folders are all being deleted. 


Example of the log entries:

delete_item(fullpath/file) mode=100755 flags=4


I am assuming the 755 is the file permissions.  I have no idea what the high
order digit means.  And I have no idea what flags mean.  


Any assistance troubleshooting this will be greatly appreciated. 


Leon Vanderploeg

Cell 303-877-9654


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