It sounds like you are assuming that rsync can do a 2-way sync which it
can't and you are asking about collision detection which it doesn't have.

Maybe you want something like unison or owncloud.

Also, if you are doing anything that requires write access or
authentication you probably don't want rsync in daemon mode.

On 08/14/2018 05:21 AM, Alexandre via rsync wrote:
> Hi, folks!
> I have a question about rsync running in daemon mode.
> Let's pretend that two mobile devices, X and Y, need to be synchronized
> by means of a server, where the rsync is running in daemon mode. If the
> device X starts synchronizing a file with the server and after a short
> while (before the device X finishes its sync) the device Y also tries to
> sync with (the same file), does the rsync daemon prevent the file
> corruption keeping the device Y waiting for X finishes its sync?
> Best regards,
> Alexandre

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