>> I'm looking for a way to exclude and delete some items but not delete
>> other items. Use case:
>> I'm on Windows where there are folders like recycle.bin and system
>> volume information on every drive. I can exclude them while backing
>> up my data drive. But I now also have other data that is excluded
>> and that I want to delete from my existing backup. However if I use
>> --delete-excluded then rsync tries to delete the (write protected)
>> system volume information from the destination disk.
>> Is there a way to get around this with only rsync parameters?
>> Do I have to move the destination into a directory to get rid of
>> the interfering drive root folders in the sync process?
>Perhaps use read only attributes on the items that you don't want to
>allow to be deleted?
>Also maybe user .rsync-filter ?

The destination system folders are already write protected, that's
not the problem. But if rsync fails to delete those folders then it will
also skip deleting other data that I'd like to get rid of.

I don't think that filters will help me as they are just another way of
writing --include and --exclude but not what will happen with the
excluded items.


bye  Fabi

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