You need to switch to filters where you have the additional options
hide, show, risk, and protect.  See the filter rules section of man rsync.

On 12/4/18 8:36 AM, Fabian Cenedese via rsync wrote:
> Hello
> I'm looking for a way to exclude and delete some items but not delete
> other items. Use case:
> I'm on Windows where there are folders like recycle.bin and system
> volume information on every drive. I can exclude them while backing
> up my data drive. But I now also have other data that is excluded
> and that I want to delete from my existing backup. However if I use
> --delete-excluded then rsync tries to delete the (write protected)
> system volume information from the destination disk.
> Is there a way to get around this with only rsync parameters?
> Do I have to move the destination into a directory to get rid of
> the interfering drive root folders in the sync process?
> Thanks
> bye  Fabi

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