On 2019-02-03 03:00, Paul Slootman via rsync wrote:
On Sun 03 Feb 2019, Philip Rhoades via rsync wrote:

For some years I have been using rsync quite happily to send / retrieve files to / from SSHDroid Pro but recently I have started having a problem when transferring large numbers of file - I am pretty sure it started after upgrading from Fedora x86_64 28 to 29 - but I am not 100% sure. Below is


Corrupted MAC on input.
ssh_dispatch_run_fatal: Connection to port 22: message
authentication code incorrect

ssh's communication gets disrupted somehow, and stops the connection,
thus causing rsync to fail.

This is a problem with ssh, not with rsync. Try enabling ssh debug
options, and try using different ssh ciphers.

I tried putting all the Ciphers one-by-one in:


but with no improvement.  I will try ssh debugging . .

I have also sent a note to the developer of SSHDroid to see if (s)he responds but the last update to that app was in 2015 and ssh doesn't change very much so it is hard to see why that should suddenly be playing up - I will also try and use the ssh from Fedora 27/8 to see if that makes a difference.


Philip Rhoades

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