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I see similar problem using rsync 3.1.3 (both client and server on Arch Linux).

This happened after user duplicated local copy of their Thunderbird profile  -
a directory of roughly 42 GB of maildir+ files - so lots of files.
The nightly root backup, rsync from client to server, fails hanginng in
select() according to strace.

After the hang occurs rsync as root on even a small file hangs in select as
well - adding -vvv produces no additional output and nothing is happening on
the server. The hang is local to the client rsync.

rsync as an ordinary user at this point, however, does works normally. 

Then - as the user who created the large mail dir, I rsync'ed to the server -
this runs for a while and transfers a few GB then hangs. At this point the
network is fine, same user can ssh to the server and all appears normal aside
from rsync hanging.

Restarting the network kicks the rsync process to continue - which again hangs
after a few more GB of data transferred. This was repeated until all 42 GB were
now on backup server.

After this -  running the normal rsync as root now works fine again.

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